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Tours To Take In Singapore To Learn More About The History Of The Island

From museums to historic sites, landmarks and more, there are so many great places to visit in Singapore to learn about the history of the country. There are also tours that will take you to more than one attraction, so it’s up to you how you want to plan your journey. What you want to make sure of is that you stop by plenty of places in Singapore to get the full experience as you learn about the history and culture of the island.

The Changi Museum is a great place to start. Located at 1000 Changi Road North, The Changi Museum is focused on WWII and how it integrated with the history of Singapore. Did you know that the Japanese occupied Singapore during that time? You are going to see all kinds of personal artifacts, you will get to see news coverage from the era and the audio tour features interesting stories. This historical place of interest is said to be a very emotional and moving experience. Admission is free, but the audio tour does cost you if you opt in for that.

Another historical place of interest in Singapore is the NUS Baba House, which is located at 157 Neil Road. This Straits Chinese family heritage home is a cultural experience not to be missed. People mention that the 3rd floor gallery is extra special. This house museum is all about Peranakan culture. The style of architecture is something you want to see in terms of learning the history of Singapore. This is just one place in Singapore that you an visit to see Peranakan style architecture. The Chinese family who owned this home had a shipping company. You are going to find out all kinds of interesting information when you visit the NUS Baba House.

The National Museum of Singapore is important to tour if you are wanting to learn about the history of the country. Located at 93 Stamford Road, this museum features what are called Living Galleries and so much more. There are also great restaurants to try on site if you get hungry. They want to keep you there so that you get to see everything and learn as much as you can about the history of Singapore. Just wait until you see the great cultural exhibits and galleries that make up this museum.

You are going to want to book this next tour. It is called the Sentosa Island Tour, and you are going to see all kinds of great things. For example, you get to stop by the Tiger Sky Tower and also the Merlion Tower. You will experience a cable car ride and learn quite a lot about Singapore. This is a family fun adventure according to reviews, and you can imagine the views you get to check out when visiting the two towers are amazing.

Last on this list of places to visit for tours to learn about the history of the country is the Singapore Philatelic Museum. This unique attraction is all about stamps, and you can find it at 23B Coleman Street. You will find interactive displays there, too. There are two stories to this building and many rooms. You are going to find that each room has a different theme.

Discover so much about the history and culture of Singapore when you stop by these top places of interest. Take the tours, take pictures, learn as much as you can and have a great vacation. Don’t forget to check out more historical attractions as well if you have time.

3 Team Building Methods You Can Do in Malaysia

Are you looking for team building methods your team in Malaysia can do? Team building is a great way to make your business more effective. It can be difficult to construct team building techniques if you have never done them before. Luckily, team building is easy to do and there are many activities you can have your team perform. Let’s get started on how you can grow closer to your team in Malaysia.

What is Team Building?

So what exactly is team building anyway? According to eEssence adventure team building, team building is the process that creates a group of people to work effectively together. It is especially helpful in sports activities and business settings. In a sports setting you will most likely win more events and in a business setting, you may notice your business running more smoothly.

Volunteer Work

One of the best ways that you can build your team is with volunteer work. Your team can do volunteer work around the community which comes with a great list of benefits. Your team members will learn communication and interpersonal skills, as well as increase their health and life satisfaction.

The reason volunteering for community helps build the team is due to the fact that it is outside of the office. Once your team members are able to do something outside of the office they share a common ground. This builds a common ground with them and helps them have deeper relationships with each other. You can easily get started by contacting non-profit organisations to create volunteer opportunities for your team.

Physical Activites

Another great way for your team to build rapport with each other is by getting them involved in physical activities. Make sure the activities are casual and not competitive against each other. Activites such as biking, hiking, and kayaking are all great ways for your team to get to know each other better.

You may want to take a poll to see if everyone is able to participate in the activity. The last thing that you will want is to exclude any of your team members. You can offer a list of activities to judge what will be best for everyone. Other activities that mostly everyone could participate in that is a low impact is bird watching, going to baseball games, or nature walks.

Eat Together

Sharing a meal together is another way to get your team to strengthen their bonds with each other. Most people like to have conversations while having lunch or dinner, so it will be natural for your team. You can take your team to a nice restaurant for dinner or lunch. You could also try to encourage people to have lunch together. Sharing a meal is something all teams should be doing if they want to create strong relationships with each other.

These are just a few ways that you can help build your team in Malaysia. You should have them do volunteer work, physical activities, and share meals together. Hopefully, these tips will help build your team.

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